Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Very Great, Very Very Very Mate!

The cat deals with many a nut many a day. At least at the time of writing this post at my bay. Hopefully in a year they'll be gone. But knowing my luck I'll end up with more at my lawn. Anyway this one has a squealy voice and surely likes to rejoice.

Say something simple.
Like popping a pimple.
It's easy to do.
At least for me and you.

Others it's not so.
They just need to glow.
Glow bright and loud.
Maybe hoping to draw a crowd.

Oh, excuse me.
I'm wrong at my sea.
We can't talk this way.
That would ruin their day.

We have to get going.
Get on with this showing.
Or make the showing longer.
Such words make it stronger.

What words are they?
You'll regret what you say.
Or would that be said?
Anyway, it hurts the head.

The was VERY VERY VERY good.
It was  SO SO SO SO GOOD in my hood.
Did you see that  GREAT GREAT GREAT game?
It was anything but REALLY REALLY REALLY lame.

I'm going to tell you what it was about.
I'm going to tell you how to shout.
I'm going to tell you what it was about.
I want you to LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN to my shout.


Did you hear me?
It was a sight to see.
Did you hear me?
It was a sight to see.

Feel free to put head against wall and pound.

Yep, an over exaggeration nut and a repeat one. Don't you find those people fun? If you ever want a headache, there you go. You'll get one in a few seconds of so so so. I can understand using it once in a while. But for EVERYTHING, even mundane things in the pile. No thank you. Earplugs are sure needed when they come due. Work with any such nuts in mass? They come off a bit touched in the head to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Right Up There...Umm Where?

I will go right today. I can't go left they say. I can't go down, Has to be up without a frown. Or maybe there is a mix and match. We shall see what wants to hatch.

Wow, that was mint.
It had the best tint.
There was nothing wrong.
I'll sing its song.

But not just sing.
Try another thing.
I must compare.
Compare without a care.

I'll lazily compare too.
That is easy to do.
Nothing to it.
For it's the shit.

It's right up there.
Up there to spare.
Up there without a care.
It's right up there.

Right up there with me.
Nah, doesn't work for thee.
Right up there with a cane.
My, that is a fun lane.

Right up there with a car.
Wow, that must go far.
Right up there with the sky.
Whoops, too literal a try.

Right up there with Star Wars.
Can't beat Storm Trooper tours.
Right up there with a remake.
Shouldn't down that take?

Left and down.
It made me frown.
Left and up.
Just a hiccup.

But nope, can't do that.
That is scat.
Can't be middle middle.
One may think diddle diddle.

So right up there with...whatever.
That is so clever.
Up where? Beats me.
But right up there for all to see.

Do you know where right up there is? Are you a user of the right up there biz? Maybe the lazy compare? Do you compare on a dare? Am I asking too many questions of you? Was this right up there with anything at my zoo? Maybe it went down. That would give a frown. Hey, can always stay whelmed in the middle. Nothing wrong with a good diddle. That is if you haven't had a snip snipped pass. If so, you'd be right up there with my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Lawn Gnome From Home!

They are just the best. They pass every test. They may be as swell as the rest. But they are still the best. So hear me speak. They deserve a peek. Why is that? Just follow the cat.

All are swell.
All have a story to tell.
But they are better.
They are a trend setter.

Yeah, be a sheep.
Go and beep.
Follow what you're told.
That never gets old.

Where was I?
Oh yeah, trend setting guy.
Or maybe girl.
Both give it a whirl.

They are the best.
Beat all the rest.
Even with the same skill.
They fit a better bill.

Others may be better.
But they haven't the letter.
The letters at the end.
That is something none can amend.

Some may lie.
Some may try.
But no matter how spry,
The truth shall fly.

Better than best.
A home town guest.
Never comes back.
But the best of the pack.

They are from your town.
So they get the best crown.
They are from your city.
That has to impress even an old bitty.

Why is that?
Haven't followed the cat?
They are from your place.
They are from where home you embrace.

So that makes them great.
All because you can relate.
You may have never ever met.
But they are the best bet.

Pffffft says the cat. Woweee they are from where you are at. You never met or even saw them in most cases and yet they give smiley faces. All because they lived in your town. Wow, they sure deserve a crown. Are you one of those? Do you strike a pose? Oh I lived where some famous nut came from. That makes me so great and then some. The cat will go back to rolling in the grass. Makes much more sense to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.